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Before telling you the work online reasons, I would like to ask you a favor. Could you please take five minutes of your time to reflect on these 6 questions?

  1. Do you still have a 9-5 job?
  2. What do you think each morning when your alarm rings to wake up for work?
  3. Have you been promoted recently?
  4. When was the last time that you were on vacation in another country with your family and you had wonderful moments together?
  5. Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur?
  6. What are you doing to move forward?


I don’t know what your answers are, but I can imagine that you would like to have financial freedom and spend more time with your family and friends.

Let me tell you how I answered these questions in June 2016.

In that period I still worked more than 8 hours per day in a non-profit organization. Some days I was opening the computer at home to work more, to write projects, to find more partners, hoping that they will bring more money in the organization. My organization was in the first place, my colleagues on second, and then me, on third place. What about my free time? Working!

Actually, I do love working, but working with deadlines and authorities is not always fun. I have not been promoted for a very long period, from the reason that the organization was working with limited funds. From that reason, I had no money for a nice vacation with my husband. All my travels were related to work.

I was saying to myself that if I could lead the whole organization which I managed to make it well established and recognized in whole Europe and even in the USA, than for sure I could lead own profitable business. The problem was the initial investment. In order to start up your own business you need at least $5.000 (in some cases even more). That was the reason why I was not encouraging myself to do so.

How did I start working online?

That summer, while scrolling on Facebook newsfeed, I saw an advertisement that my friend posted.  She was saying “Start growing a second income from home today! Without initial investment.” I called her immediately, and she explained that she recently started working in affiliate marketing. Very intrigued, I couldn’t wait to see what she has to offer me. I started a Google research and whole secret treasure was opened in front of me.  The treasure of affiliate marketing.

From that moment my life changed tremendously.  I learn new skills every day, I started my own online business, I am generating passive income, and the most important, I have more free time.

Here you will find the 16 reasons why you should also start working online.

WORK ONLINE REASON 1: Lie-in in the morning.

The alarm clock is ringing early in the morning telling you to open your eyes and get out of the bed. Not anymore! By working online you will forget about that. You can turn off your alarm clock forever, and lie-in in the morning. Make your morning coffee and enjoy it on your balcony.

WORK ONLINE REASON 2: You are free to wear whatever you like.

The first thing you think about in the morning is what to wear for work. You are bored of the formal clothes and uniforms. It would be good to wear something more casual and comfortable. You can do that now! Renew your wardrobe and explore the fashion. Everybody will notice your beauty change.

WORK ONLINE REASON 3: You have the freedom to work from anywhere that has WiFi.

Where do you work? Office? Factory? Store? Now you have the freedom to work from anywhere that there is an internet connection. Even from the near park or coffee shop. In the summer you can enjoy on the sunny beach and still work from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

WORK ONLINE REASON 4: No more commuting.

Wasted time driving to work or getting the train? Have you counted the money you pay for gas bills? Ah, and all that traffic jam you struggle with every day has no price. By working online you will save your money and your patience. Forget about transportation and commuting bills, and enjoy the comfort of your home.

WORK ONLINE REASON 5: Flexible hours.

You have now your 9-5 job, and you are closed 8 hours per day in an office, factory or store. Do you work 5-6 days per week? And you can’t have free days whenever you need them. By working online you will have a freedom to manage your time as you wish. The best thing is that you can work in the time of the day that you wish to work.

WORK ONLINE REASON 6: You can fire your boss.

I know how you feel about authorities, especially when your boss is watching your every single move. Now is time to say goodbye to your boss. You are the boss now. Actually, I would rather say that you will become a leader worth working with.

WORK ONLINE REASON 7: You will be able to take a break whenever you like.

At work you have fixed hours for coffee or lunch break, after what you should get back fast at your place and focus on the work you do. Every one of us sometimes skipped those breaks in order to finish some urgent task. Maybe there are days when you don’t feel like working and you need to take a deep breath of the everyday tasks. Now you can do that. By working online you can plan your time. You can have longer breaks, or work hard if you wish.

WORK ONLINE REASON 8: Your client pool is the world itself.

Are you dealing with boring meetings and stubborn coworkers. You are limited in finding clients and partners. How it would sound to you if I tell you that there are no limits in finding your future collaborators or costumers? Now your client pool is the world itself. 7,5 billion opportunities for your next business deal. How this sounds to you?!

WORK ONLINE REASON 9: You have minimal business investments.

What about your business expenses? How much you spend for rent, utilities, insurance, fees, wages, taxes, interest, supplies, maintenance, depreciation, travel, meals, training, etc.? When you start to work online all you need for the beginning is a computer and internet connection. Everyone has that, so you don’t need to invest in that. You can start for free, or with a minimal investment.

WORK ONLINE REASON 10: You are not limited to the amount of money you can earn.

Are you paid enough for the job you currently do? No. Yes. Not sure. Even if you are paid enough, there is a human tendency for comfort and financial freedom. Working online you are not limited to the amount of money you can earn. Everything is in your hands and depends on your will to achieve more.

WORK ONLINE REASON 11: Direct results and greater satisfaction.

Have you been promoted recently? Do you know exactly what you have to do in order to get a higher position in your company? Here you have concrete measurable goals, after which you see a direct result and greater satisfaction. You learn constantly and see the results of the implemented knowledge.

WORK ONLINE REASON 12: Less stress and you will be happier and healthier.

Are you facing health problems caused by stress? Imagine your life filled with calmness and happiness. You can have less stress and you will be happier and healthier while you work online. It is time to say goodbye to all stressful moments.

WORK ONLINE REASON 13: Spend more time with your family and friends.

Do you have enough time for yourself? When was the last time you played with your kids in the yard? What about having romantic dinner with your spouse? Or maybe a picnic with your friends. Working online you will have more time to spend with your family and friends. You will enjoy every moment spent with them.

WORK ONLINE REASON 14: It is possible to make a business out of a passion or hobby.

It is time to turn your passion into a thriving business. What is your hobby? Probably you have some passion that you would like to transfer it to a profitable business. What about cooking, fashion or making handmade soaps? Today you can enjoy doing your hobby and make a business out of your passion. You can start building a web page where you will sell your crafts or offering your services. There are plenty of people who will like your work.

WORK ONLINE REASON 15: You no longer have to choose between work or travel.

You were constantly focused on working, and never had time for traveling and exploring new countries and cultures. It would be nice to buy a camping caravan and make a trip around the world in 90 days. Or maybe you want to visit Spain. You no longer have to choose between work or travel. You can now work and travel at the same time. Imagine yourself working while you are sunbathing on a sunny beach.

WORK ONLINE REASON 16:  It might grow into a big business, with small investments.

Have you seen yourself as entrepreneur? You always wanted your own business, but it cost a lot? Today you have a chance to start your own thriving business for free or with small investments. Forget about all calculations that you were making for founding physical business. The investments for starting an online business are minor. Don’t wait until tomorrow and START IMMEDIATELY!

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5 thoughts to “16 Reasons Why You Should Start To Work Online Immediately

  • Ahmad Ballard

    Hello Ani. I have read your entire blog and it has motivated me to work even harder at WA. I am currently on Certification Level 3 and trying to complete the entire certification course by the end of this year. Thanks for your words of encouragement and I wish you the best of luck at WA.

    • Ani

      I am happy to hear that Ahmad. Try to work on your website during completing your certification courses. That is the best way to learn how to build your website. I am here for any help you need.

  • Edi Sidibeh

    Thus working at home is not for everyone but reading your piece, I found it very Impressive, motivational and encouraging piece of 16 positive points. I know anyone who read the piece will end up firing his/her boss and start standing on there own two legs towards independence. Again reality is a product of information simply because without information, we cannot make anything real. Blissfulness and good luck on your journey.

    • Vijay Kumar

      Hi Edi

      Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate?

      It is Learning Platform for Affiliate Marketers and a great Community. Of course it depends all upon you how you take action. It takes hard work and steep Learning Curve to be successful.

      Just follow the foot prints of Successful Members and you will be fine 🙂


      • Ani

        Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers you great training how to start and develop your own online business, but the rest depends on your own effort and will to give the best of yourself.


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